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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 8

Laura is Madoncows -- and cows like her, too. Here are some pictures of two fine Holsteins at Leighton Hall Farm, who are a bit curious...

Holsteins at Leighton Hall Farm
Peaceful cows

Curious Holsteins
Who has come to visit us?

Any food
You wouldn't happen to have any food, would you?

Earlier, Clive sent some pictures his wife Laura took of cows at Coley Park Farm in Reading, Berkshire, UK:

Coley Park Farm cows
Bovine View

cows through the trees
Cows at Coley Park Farm

calf looking at camera
Don't interrupt my grazing!

brown cow grazing
Hmmm, what's good over here?

Sydney sent a couple of cute pictures. She writes, "The 1st picture is my newest 4-H calf. Her name is Scarlett and she was born this past Feburary. The 2nd picture is of my 4yr old cow Nellie, my other 4-H cow, in our pasture one morning."



Clive shares photos his wife Laura took of cows at Coley Park Farm. He writes, "The farm is by her Granddad's in Reading Berkshire UK. It was once a very large Manor house and estate, the farm being called Coley Park Farm. The Estate and farm are alas no more, but the land is rented to a farmer friend of ours, Newlands Farm several miles away, who uses the land to summer some of his stock."

cow group
A peaceful day at Coley Park Farm

cow shed
What is this?

another cow comes over
Hey, what's going on?

2 cows and shed
Room for me?

third cow comes over

3 cows and shed
Sneaking around to see what's happening...

cow gazing
Do you think there's room for me, too?

cow crowd comes over
The crowd now wants to join in

cows at the shed
How many of us will fit in now?

Clive sent pictures his wife Laura took at Annetts Farm in Farringdon, Hampshire, UK. There used to be an old railway embankment and bridge over the road. In recent years, the bridge was removed and the farmer dug out the bridge abutments, but left the embankment. You can see an example below.

The view is fine from up here

We're curious about you

We'd like to come out

We really want to come out

Finding some shade

Annetts Farm
Lone Cow

cow gazing
Cow gazing

Rose shares pictures taken in Gloucestershire, England:

Belted Galloways
Belted Galloways

Winter Time
A Winter's Day

Louisa sent a picture of a very handsome, rescued veal calf, all grown up now.

Copyright 2010, Louisa Harvey

Clive sent some photos that his wife Laura took at Annetts Farm in Farringdon, Hampshire, UK. These are Herefords.






Giridhari lives in India. He and his wife have some bovines and also help to take care of street cows in their town. Take a look at their website,

curious cow
I'm curious about you!

little calf
Cute little one

relaxing cows
Relaxing cows and calf

Jacques emailed this photo:

dutch cow in field
A Dutch Cow

Sydney writes that the following is a picture of her and Nellie at the Butler Farm show in Butler, PA. Nellie is a 2 year old, and did well in the 4H show and Open.

Nellie and Sydney
Sydney with Nellie

red ribbon
Red Ribbon

Paul shares this picture of an "oreo cookie" cow:

Belted Galloway
Belted Galloway

"lagerquist" emailed this fun photo of an Australian Shepherd and some Angus Heifers:

Sadie and the Girls
Sadie and the Girls

Betsy sent some photos of two of her cow paintings:

12"x16", oil
Copyright 2008, Betsy Masi

Coming and Going
Coming and Going
16"x20", chalk pastel
(in matte to fit 20"x24" frame)
Copyright 2009, Betsy Masi

Laura (madoncows) emailed these two pictures of little 4-month old bovines under her care:

brown swiss
We want our food

We really want our food!

Megan sent the following photos:

Eli, 2008 show steer

Max, 2009 Athens County Fair show steer

Mary Kay is an artist, and she says, "I have been painting in oils for four years, so I'm relatively new at this. Animals are my passion, always have been, so it was ony natural that they are my favorite subject. I donate paintings to Farm Sanctuary every year for their auction, along with other smaller advocacy groups. That is my goal, to make a difference in how we view and treat our fellow beings. I hope to create something others enjoy viewing." You can find her paintings and purchase them on her website,

cow closeup oil painting
Oil, 11x14 inches

mother and calf oil painting
Oil, 8x10 inches

Eryn sent in this picture of her cow Midnight. Midnight is a Black Angus heifer, and Eryn is raising her for her 4-H project next year.

black angus heifer
Just 6 weeks old

Laura shares this photo and asks, "So how much did that baby carrier cost then?"

bovine baby carrier
Bovine Baby Carrier

Sydney emailed a picture of herself and her show heifer Nellie:

At the Big Butler Fair in Butler, PA

Kara sent a photo of this lovely moo:

Princess Lily
Princess Lily loves to play dress-up!

Charles emailed this wonderful picture taken in north east Florida:

group of cows
Beautiful Cows

Tim sent pictures of his friend Audrey's Lincoln Town cow car (photos are on the Cow Themed Stuff Page), and here is Betty, who was the inspiration:

betty bovine
The lovely Betty

Ceira emailed some pictures of her moos. The first one is JJ. She says, "He is so sweet and adorable! He is now 2 months and 2 days old." The other is Bear. "Bear was the first cow that I ever bottle raised. He is so sweet and loving. He comes up to anyone that comes to pet him. He is about 2 years now and is very big and cute. I love him to death."

black calf
JJ in the hay

calf closeup
I am sooo cute!

black cow
Bear is very friendly

And hungry

Nat sent these pictures of his new calf, Angus. Angus is a Simmental X Freisan, and he will be a riding steer like Tuff (see below) one day. Nat and Angus are at Lincoln University. Nat was born in Bakewell, Derbyshire and moved to Lincolnshire a long time ago. As for Angus... he too was born in Bakewell, Derbyshire (purchased by the university stockman), and moved to Lincolnshire. What a coincidence!:

Angus with his new gymball

calf face
Is it really mine?!

Alyssa in Ohio emailed some photos:

cow lying down
Best of Friends

Gentle Giant

Lining Up

Paula sent pictures of her two year old Holstein riding steer, Tuff Stuff:

Christmas steer

Christmas steer
I'm Friendly!

Christmas steer
Hmm, what's this?

Christmas steer
Posing in my Christmas gear

riding steer
We like to ride

riding steer
Having fun together

horse costume
I'm getting dressed up as a horse!

horse costume
In my horse costume

Betsy shares some of her sketches of cows. You can see more of her artwork at Betsy's Cows.

cow sketch

cow sketch too

Sydney in Pennsylvania sent a picture of her little sister and her Brown Swiss, Nellie. Nellie got a second place at a recent show.

brown swiss
A Prize Winner

Liz shares some photos of her moos:

In the Barn

late snack
Late Munching

under shelter
Under Shelter

hanging out
Friends Hanging Out

butter sculpture
At the State Fair -- A Butter Sculpture

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 8 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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