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Cow-Themed Gizmos and Stuff

From time to time we get sent (or take) photos of stuff that has a bovine theme. Have a look...

Laura really enjoys her cow collectables and shares pictures of some of them:

stuffed cow
Little Cow

stuffed cow

stuffed cow

Clive shares some of his wife's "cow collection"...

cow collectibles group
Quite a herd

Happy Cow

cow collectibles group
Long-haired cow

cow collectibles group


cow figurines

stuffed cow

cow figurines

cow figurines

stuffed cow

cow figurines

cow figurines

stuffed cow

cow figurines

Tim sent pictures of his friend Audrey's Lincoln Town cow car, painted up in a lovely Ayrshire brown and white, complete with mooing horn, and 4-foot statue of her beloved Betty on top. In addition to owning this fun car, Audrey is co-founder of Pot Belly Manor animal rescue.

cow car
Note the Betty statue on top

cow car
Front view, with horns

cow car
The hood

cow car
Side view

cow car
Closeup of Betty's statue

cow car
What more do you need to say?

Liz had some fun...

stuffed cows
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Moo No Evil

Julian works for Egbert H Taylor & Co. Ltd. in Worcestershire, UK. He writes, "We make recycling containers, and have developed a cow theme, using the rumination process as a positive recycling message." He adds, "[We] have just measured recycling tonnage coming in at 61% more using cowbins because kids love them and want to recycle into them." They provide an educational pack for children to learn about recycling, too. Here's their phone number: +44 1299 251333, and their web site.

Cowbins ready to go! The billboard reads "Feed the Cows"

Cowbins in situ

More cowbins!

Janna in Finland send a couple of cute pictures of her cuddly toy cow, Emma.

toy cow
Emma has just woken up and she is coming to me, Mama.=)

Emma wishs Merry Christmas 2006 and a Happy New Year 2007 to everyone!

According to Liz, Grazer had some glamor shots and wants to be a guest cow...

stuffed cow riding chicken
"Zomg! It's a lazer gun, pew pew!"

stuffed cow crocheting
"Cows have hobbies too!"

stuffed cow napping
"Cows need naps!"

stuffed cow cowboy
"Wild Wild West!"

June sent in some pictures of Cow Parade in Edinburgh. It was a rainy day, but she enjoyed seeing the cows.

cow parade cow

cow parade cow

cow parade cow

Michelle sent this and writes: "I heart cows. My friends and family only feed my obsession. Here are some of my stuffed ones. The 2 standing cows are Joe Moomoo and Lintball; the rest dont have names yet."

stuffed cows
Michelle's Bovines

Paul says that his dad is crazy about cows and makes these cool cow planter boxes to sell in Australia:

cow planter
Looks great on the veranda

Jessica sent these photos of her cars that have a cow-theme:

cow car 1
One of my cars

cow car 2
My other car

The cow collectable pictures we've been sent from Traci...

cow clock
Cow Clock

cow cookie jar
Can't keep our hands out of this one!

Cute Cows

cow hotplate

cow kettle

Jug and bowl

cow applique
Cow applique

cow kettle
Hold those papertowels

Cow Bank

Stuff for the Bathroom

Kitchen Cow

Creamer and Sugar


Susan sent some photos of her "cows". She says, "This is my cow!!! The cutest cow ever and his 2 little children Peter 'n Phil!!!!"

Mr. Paul

Lil Peter

Lil Phil

Anna says that she wishes she had a real cow. But for now she has a lot of "pet cows", like this one:


Here's a cute cow item: a cast iron model of a Dutch Belted Cow, sent to us by Ruth, who purchased it at the Harvest Festival in Vista, California:

Hanging out by the Gardenias

On 3/27/04, we visited CowParade 2004 at its Boyd's Bears venue and took some pictures of our favorites.

Suscowhanna Sunset

Constitution Cow

One Herd

Udderly Hexed

Christmoo Cow
Constitution Cow found a home at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA after they won her at the big auction in Harrisburg.

Get your own CowParade Cow!

Farmer's Song*

Bremer's Mooters

India Moo*

Green Pastures*
* We couldn't remember the real titles of these, oops.

Emailed to us from James:

Holiday Cow in Georgia?

Cow stuff is always fun. Duke's sister loves cows and he's been calling her Cow since the 'sixties. Here's a construction cow he gave her.

A Cows on Parade Construction Cow

We have a picture of Evelyn's car -- she's got cow seat covers...

Here is one of Dean's cartoons:

Andy sent us some great pictures of his "vacamoto":

Andy also told us that he has a jetski and cow windsurf board. Moo!

From Roger, an Art Cow he designed for the KC Cows on Parade show:

Copyright 2002, J. Schmid & Associates

You can get your own miniature Cows on Parade cow. Here are two examples:

American Royal

La Vache Effleure

You can see all the available Cows on Parade

On the highway...

How to contact us to send us your cow-themed pictures.