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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 9

Clive shared this photo of a little bull calf, less than a week old:


Clive and Madoncows would like to introduce Sir George:

Sir George
Cute Face

Sir George
Sir George wants a closer look

Or a sniff

side of face
Being coy

George and friends
George and Friends

Clive shared two photos of a two-day old heifer:

2 day old heifer standing

2 day old heifer

MadonCows sent this photo of a new born Holstein:

New Born Holstein
Newborn at The Orchard Farm, Twemlow, Cheshire, UK

Two super photos from MadonCows. These are of Highlands at Tatton Hall, Moston, Cheshire UK:

Testing their mettle
Testing their mettle

Soulful moo
Soulful Moo

More from MadonCows!!

Hawksmoor Herd
Hawksmoor Herd at the Hawksmoor Farm, Adderly, Shropshire, UK

Curious Holstein
Curious Holstein

Hawksmoor Herd
More Hawksmoor Herd

Madoncows and -- the cows!

Holstein Solo
Holstein Soloist

Relaxing cow
I'm curious but I'm not getting up

Majestic Moo
Majestic Moo

Hawksmoor Farm
Hawksmoor Farm

Big Bull
Big Bull

Audrey, who runs a rescue organization,, has a really cool cow car (which we've featured before, but here is a new photo):

cow car
Cow Cruzin

Audrey had a cow named Bette for many years, who sadly passed away at just over 12 years. Audrey had her from a baby and has buried Bette on her farm. She's kept the cow car in her memory.

She also rescued a baby bull and trained him for parades, where he walks in front of the cow car. His name is Sir Wickford and his trainer is Laura.

Sir Wikford
At the Memorial Day Parade in Wickford

A couple of pictures Clive sent of the Stock Judging Event with the Western Holstein Club in the UK. (It was held at Joseph Heler Farms, Audlem, Cheshire, UK -- famous for its cheese.)

mostly black holstein
Time to look good

walking holstein
On the mooove

Clive emailed some photos of Highland cattle:

Highland cattle grazing
Bucolic Scene

Highland cattle grazing
Majestic Grazers

Highland cow looking
Regal Moo

...And a picture of an adorable 4 week old calf from Reaseheath College's herd:

Reaseheath Holstein
Reaseheath Holstein

Clive and Madoncows went to a local cow show and shared a couple of pictures:

Cow show 1
Handsome Holsteins

Cow show 2
How to choose?

Marquise sent in a picture, and she explains, "On the far left is Arthur Easter (dam is Hereford, sire is Limousin) born March 21, 2008, then my 150 pound Bernese Mountain dog Bailey, me, then Albert Murray (purebred Murray Grey), who [was] 5 years old on April 11, 2013."

Hereford-Limousin and Murray Grey
Happy Birthday!

Madoncows' grandfather took these photos of Bully and cows at Coley Park Farm:

Coley Park cows
Cows and Calves

Coley Park cows

Bully, looking very scenic

Bully closeup
Bully, looking very majestic

Clive is a regular contributor to this site and has sent a number of pictures of cows at Village Farm, Northwich (near Liverpool):

black cow
Hello there

black cow closeup
I'm one of the cows at Village Farm

cows appearing
And I've got some friends

cows coming down
We think we want to say "Hi", too

I'm a little shy

cow coy
And a little coy

cow profile
And a very cute moo

more cows
We're still thinking about saying "Hi"

brown cow

brown cow in shrubs
Maybe I feel a little safer over here...

holstein head
Well, I'm ready to say "Hi"

black cow and friends
Don't look now, but we've attracted a curious crowd

brown cow closefup
...I'm feeling a bit braver (and aren't I sweet?)

cow group
We're definitely curious

I might want a scritch between the ears but I may stay just out of reach

Hmm, I don't think I've seen you around here before

cows side view
Well, it's been nice seeing you, but it's time for grazing

cows in field

Clive shares various photos and this information. "Ashton's Flashes are old salt workings, which have collapsed and filled with water. These are called Flashes. The two Flashes here in Northwich have been landscaped and turned into a country park/nature reserve. Sheep and cattle are allowed to graze on this land."

cow at Ashton's Flashes
At Ashton's Flashes

He also visited Brook Farm in Nantwich.

cow at Brook Farm
On the field at Brook Farm

cow and Madoncows
Madoncows enjoying the cows

"Mad on Cows" and friend wrestling with a calf at Reaseheath University Farm, Nantwich, Cheshire, UK, and a couple of calves enjoying the hay:

holding a calf
This calf doesn't want to have her temperature taken

2 calves
Mmmmm, hay, yummy

"Mad on Cows" enjoyed a visit to the calves at the Nantwich County Show:

saying hi to a cute calf
Hello, cute calf

cute calf again
This calf is so calm and friendly

"Mad on Cows" shared a short MP4 video of her visiting some calves.

Clive send this picture of a fine looking bovine at Fields Farm, Nantwhich, Cheshire, UK:

lone ranger bovine
"What do you mean, I look like the Lone Ranger? Who is he?"

Cows in the field...

cow in field
Yes, I am a good looking cow, too

cows in field
Peaceful grazing

Laura saying "Hi" to a friendly cow at Fields Farm:

saying hi

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 9 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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