Welcome to Cow Pie!
Click on Go! to drop a steak
from the sky.
Cows don't like steak, so click
on the cow to shoot the steak with
a cow pie!
There are 10 rounds per game.
You only get one cow
pie per round, so aim well!
See the Winner's List under the cow!
Score: 0
Copyright 2000-2012 crazyforCOWS(sm).
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lynn 100
eldon 100
jock 100
Mordecai 100
Jewell 100
lizzie 100
mayz 100
keli 100
pika 100
Harry 100
amir moazzezi 100
Robert 100
Robert 100
Lyon 100
maria 100
maria 100
Mr. Plop 100
yabbadabbadudu 100
robert 100
Bessy the heifer 100