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cool cow Welcome to Crazy for COWS (sm)! We celebrate bovines of all shapes and sizes. Mooooooo! Cattle lovers... come join the herd!

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Ahhh, cows... What's not to like about cows?

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cow pie Take the Moo Challenge -- all our cow games and quizzes are on one page, including CowPie!

From the Cow mailbox:

  • Collector's Weekly filters eBay auctions, and recently added a cow collectors topic (cow pottery, milk signs, cookie jars, etc.). Here's the link: Collector's Weekly Cows
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    Plus we have some additional fun gift ideas. Something for everyone!

    Guest cows!

    MadonCows sent this photo of a new born Holstein:

    New Born Holstein
    Newborn at The Orchard Farm, Twemlow, Cheshire, UK

    Two super photos from MadonCows. These are of Highlands at Tatton Hall, Moston, Cheshire UK:

    Testing their mettle
    Testing their mettle

    Soulful moo
    Soulful Moo

    More from MadonCows!!

    Hawksmoor Herd
    Hawksmoor Herd at the Hawksmoor Farm, Adderly, Shropshire, UK

    Curious Holstein
    Curious Holstein

    Hawksmoor Herd
    More Hawksmoor Herd

    Madoncows and -- the cows!

    Holstein Solo
    Holstein Soloist

    Relaxing cow
    I'm curious but I'm not getting up

    Majestic Moo
    Majestic Moo

    Hawksmoor Farm
    Hawksmoor Farm

    Big Bull
    Big Bull

    Audrey, who runs a rescue organization,, has a really cool cow car (which we've featured before, but here is a new photo):

    cow car
    Cow Cruzin

    Audrey had a cow named Bette for many years, who sadly passed away at just over 12 years. Audrey had her from a baby and has buried Bette on her farm. She's kept the cow car in her memory.

    She also rescued a baby bull and trained him for parades, where he walks in front of the cow car. His name is Sir Wickford and his trainer is Laura.

    Sir Wikford
    At the Memorial Day Parade in Wickford

    A couple of pictures Clive sent of the Stock Judging Event with the Western Holstein Club in the UK. (It was held at Joseph Heler Farms, Audlem, Cheshire, UK -- famous for its cheese.)

    mostly black holstein
    Time to look good

    walking holstein
    On the mooove

    See all our Guest Cows!
    (All guest cows that have appeared on the homepage are on one of the guest cows pages, always available for you to enjoy.)

    From Josie in England:

    cow picture
    The girls say "Hello!"

    Quick Cow facts:

    Do cows have horns? Yes, female bovines almost always have horns. While some cows are naturally polled (which means horn-free), the majority have their horns removed when they are calves to make them safer to handle. So, YES, cows can indeed have horns!

    Oreo cookie cows? Yes, there are "belted" bovines out there!

    More cow facts!

    • Bos indicus type cattle have several features that distinguish them from European cattle: long, pendulous ears, a hump over the shoulder and neck area, and a large throatlatch and dewlap which have a lot of excess skin.
    • Brahman cows stand about 4 feet high at the withers (not including the hump), and weigh an average of 1200-1300 pounds.
    • The Holstein produces the most milk of all breeds.
    • A 1,000 pound cow makes about 10 tons of manure a year, on average.
    • The Dutch first brought Holsteins into New York; at that time the cows were simply called Dutch cattle.
    • Modern domestic cattle are believed to belong to either the species Bos taurus (Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, for example), or the species Bos indicus which are humped cattle like the Red Sindhi. Some cattle are a cross between these two species.
    • The Dexter started to become known in the 1700s when small farmers found the Dexter very practical for use on small plots of land. Later, the novelty of the cute, small bovines, made them popular on English estates.
    • Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans.

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