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cool cow Welcome to Crazy for COWS (sm)! We celebrate bovines of all shapes and sizes. Mooooooo! Cattle lovers... come join the herd!

Do you have a great cow photo to share? If so please contact Chief Cow. Thanks!

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Ahhh, cows... What's not to like about cows?

cow picture

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From the Cow mailbox:

  • Collector's Weekly filters eBay auctions, and recently added a cow collectors topic (cow pottery, milk signs, cookie jars, etc.). Here's the link: Collector's Weekly Cows
  • Cow T-shirts and sweatshirts:

    DisgruntledCows Shirt

    Disgruntled Cows Shirt

    Are you an annoyed moo sometimes? Then reveal the disgruntled bovine within!

    Clicking Buy will let you browse other colors and products without buying

    More Cow T-shirts and sweatshirts...

    Guest cows!

    Clive sent this picture:

    welsh cows resting
    Cows in Wales

    Clive and Madoncows shared these photos:

    black highland cow
    Majestic Highland cow

    brown highland cow
    Shaggy moo

    brown highland cow closeup
    Hey there!

    Some fun cow pics from Clive:

    highland cow and calf
    Highland cow and calf

    Cows and tractor
    Hmmm, what's this?

    Cow and tractor
    Now, how do you start this thing?

    Cow and tractor exhaust
    This exhaust needs a good clean!

    Who you looking at, weren't touching anything!

    Also from Clive:

    Waiting for Mummy
    Waiting for Mummy

    Reaseheath Farm bovines, from Clive:

    Reaseheath Farm
    Bovines at Reaseheath

    Clive sent these pictures of calves at the University, and a of bovine that is certainly not a calf:

    University calves
    Cute Calves

    Different pose of cuteness

    24 hours old
    24 hours old

    big bull
    Bull from Hulse Farm, Lach Dennis, Cheshire

    Audrey, who had shared photos of her old cow car, had to get a new one. She writes, "I had let the COW CAR go to pasture, but it took me several months taking off everything on my old town car to put on the new town car 2001. But we did it with help from many friends and the Military -- we got her back on the road. Bette had a complete make over and the cow car is flasher than ever. She moo's and has many other sounds too. I had the other car for almost ten years and we are hoping for the same with this one...I made her a tribute to Bette."

    Cow car from front

    Cow car from top

    Cow car ready to go

    Donna also sent some photos of the new cow car...

    Cow car from front

    Cow car from back

    Cow car from side

    Cow car interior

    Cow car cow

    Cow car dedication

    See all our Guest Cows!
    (All guest cows that have appeared on the homepage are on one of the guest cows pages, always available for you to enjoy.)

    From Lena in Norway:

    cow picture
    Mirja says Hi

    Quick Cow facts:

    Do cows have horns? Yes, female bovines almost always have horns. While some cows are naturally polled (which means horn-free), the majority have their horns removed when they are calves to make them safer to handle. So, YES, cows can indeed have horns!

    Oreo cookie cows? Yes, there are "belted" bovines out there!

    More cow facts!

    • Ungulate is a term for any hoofed mammal. Cows are considered even-toed ungulates. (Pigs, camels, and deer are also even-toed ungulates.)
    • The Holstein produces the most milk of all breeds.
    • Cows can detect odor up to 5 miles away.
    • Seen any "oreo cookie" cows? Dutch Belted and Belted Galloways are two breeds that are black with a wide white belt around the middle.
    • Camembert cheese originated in the late 1600s in Normandy, France.
    • The Chianina cow originated from the same region as Chianti wine -- in Tuscany, Italy. (The "ch" in Chianina is pronounced like a "k".)
    • The Texas Longhorn is spotted and comes in a variety of colors. They have long legs, high shoulders, and an easy stride. Their horns average a span of 5 1/2 feet.
    • Jerseys are a refined, cute cow, with wedgy body shape. They are typically a shade of fawn. But occasionally a Jersey could be grey, reddish, or spotted white.

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