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The Adventures of Molly:
Happy New Year!

I celebrated the new year with many new friends here in Hawaii, in my fun Hawaiian outfit.
Everything here is -- moo sigh -- so beautiful!. I don't know if I'll ever want to go back to the farm again or not! This is the Pali overlook on O'ahu.
Our New Year's Eve party was so much fun. I had a few sips of champagne and helped chase the demons away with some firecrackers.
On New Year's Day it was rather rainy, so we all went shopping. I'm wondering if I should take up the ukelele. What do you think?
We're heading out for dinner tonight. I'm feeling especially festive, so I put on my dressy dress. The flower is a nice touch. Besides, just between you and me, if I need a snack-- should the meal take a long time to arrive -- I can always eat it. (Surreptitiously, of course).

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Molly would like to thank Cris, her niece Nicole, and her brother John; Ken, Bob & Bob, Arden, and Paul's mom Mrs. Billie Nelson... and especially Keith

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